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Bruxelles Remorques is your trailer specialist

We offer a wide range of trailers adapted to your needs:

  • Boat Trailers

    Boat trailers are designed to not only transport the boat but also launch it. Boat trailers can therefore be equipped with a rinsing kit to eliminate salt residues after contact with sea water. These trailers are equipped with adjustable support to adapt perfectly to the hull of your boat. Our sales department will assist you in choosing the model best suited to your boat, your license and your towing vehicle.

  • Trailers for Tiny House

    Over the last decade, the living space has evolved considerably in a minimalist, ecological spirit ... while increasing living comfort. We offer trailers that will be the foundations of your Tiny-House. Do not neglect the trailer which will be the essential support for your construction. We therefore offer a complete range of trailers allowing the construction of Mini House. Many accessories can also be supplied such as crutches which will easily stabilize your TinyHouse. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service to choose the model that will suit your project.

  • Car carrier trailers

    Whether it is to move a broken down vehicle or a vintage car, the car carrier trailer is perfectly suited to vehicle transport.

    Car door trailers can be tilting to allow vehicle loading with very low ground clearance. A winch makes it possible to hoist a vehicle without using its motor.

  • Closed box trailers

    Vans provide better protection for your merchandise. Both against bad weather and against theft.

    Horse-drawn van

    The transport of horses requires special attention. Indeed a horse is by nature stressed to have a mobile environment. In addition, the weight being important in height it is important to have a stable trailer and adapted compartments so that the horses are in confidence and in safety. Horse trailers can also contain saddlery that will allow you to take all the necessary equipment for your animal.

  • Trailer for market gardening

    Sales trailers are always very specific to the profession. This is why we not only offer standardized trailers, but also custom manufacturing.

  • Motorcycle trailers

    Motorcycle transport is specific. There are different solutions depending on the type of motorcycle and the ease of use. For a light motorcycle, a ramp can be used to mount the motorcycle on the trailer. While for a larger motorcycle it is necessary to keep your feet close to the ground and to have a trailer that will allow loading without a ramp.