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8m40 3 axles 1800kg - Trailer for Tiny House

8m40 3 axles 1800kg - Trailer for Tiny House

€6,469.00 VAT included
Including €11.42 for ecotax

This 8m40 trailer with 3 axles is perfect for building your tiny house.

3 axles

The different advantages of a triple axle trailer

  • More charge outside the public

    The 3 axles allow to take 5400kg (3x1800kg) in total of technical resistance. Be careful on the road, you are always limited to the total 3500kg. The advantage is therefore to be able to charge more or fill a tank on private land ....
  • Smaller overhang

    Indeed the space between the first and the last wheel being more important you have a less important overhang. This makes it easier to pass a speed bump.
  • More stable on the road.

Tiny concept

The trailer has been specially developed for the Tiny House concept. The frame structure is made up of evenly spaced joists to evenly support the floor. The width of 2m44 of the frame allows you to hide the trailer by your finish. Optional crutches can be fixed at 4 points on the trailer


The trailer is made of metal tube welded by Robots. Thanks to this the quality always remains optimal and is very resistant. The assembly is immersed in a galvanized bath in order to protect the assembly including the welds and cutouts ...
The trailer is made up of very resistant elements such as reinforced wheels, jockey wheel ...


The lights are embedded directly in the frame, the electric cables pass through the interior of the beams which allows them to be better protected and to avoid crushing during fixing.
Led lights for front and side lighting, bulb lights for the rear. It is the perfect combination to avoid problems with the on-board computers of towing vehicles.
13-pole plug according to European standard (7-pole adapter available if necessary).

Lifting jockey wheel

The jockey wheel included in the trailer has a semi-automatic lifting mechanism. It is noted that in order not to overload your towing vehicle, the regulations require that trailers for Tiny House can have a maximum load on the coupling head of 150kg.

Brand component

The axles as well as the coupling head and the brake cables are KNOTT brand. Knott is a German brand recognized as one of the best brand of axle manufacturing.

The rear lights are of the multipoint V type of the ASPOK brand.

Made in the Netherlands

The trailers are manufactured by the Vlemmix factory located in the Netherlands. The company Vlemmix has a great experience in the manufacture of trailers, and is recognized as the brand of trailer for tiny house with the best quality / price ratio. Bruxelles-Remorques has been importing the Vlemmix brand in Belgium for about ten years and we have very little guaranteed return thanks to the robustness of the construction of these trailers. Bruxelles-Remorques is in direct contact with the management of Vlemmix for any after-sales service request.

Best price

The trailers for Tiny House Vlemmix have a very attractive price for several reasons:

  • Assembly line production: Since 2020 a welding robot has been put in place which not only allows great regularity but also increases the rate of production.
  • manufacturing several thousand trailers per year.
  • Standardized components for the whole range which allows a very large volume purchase.

Data sheet

Number of axles
Useful length
Maximum Authorized Mass (kg)
Electric plug
13 poles
195/50 R13C
Total length

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